As a lightweight and durable packaging medium polythene film provides several environmental advantages. Plastic packaging accounts on average for just 1% of the weight of food it protects and can be produced using significantly less raw materials than other, heavier forms of packaging.

In addition to the fact that many polythene films are 100% recyclable, many others can be downgauged to offer the same high performance levels as traditional films.

Flexfilm's commitment to the environment manifests itself in a number of ways;

  • All Flexfilm manufacturing waste is recycled, either in line or off site
  • Where the application permits, recycled materials are used (subject to specification and BRC/IOP standards)
  • The Flexfilm portfolio includes a range of biodegradable and compostable films, designed for use with controlled-life products, where the film breakdown rate is subject to light, heat and oxygen exposure
  • Flexfilm continuously reviews its operations to reduce its environmental where possible
  • Ongoing work with both customers and supply partners allows Flexfilm to value engineer materials in order to reduce pack weights and increase yields