Quality is at the heart of the Flexfilm business. As a manufacturer, Flexfilm understands the paramount importance of consistent film quality.

From the raw materials selected to the smooth running of the production lines and an efficient logistics operation, Flexfilm subjects each stage of the manufacturing process to stringent quality controls to ensure products meet the high standards customers expect.

Flexfilm has full accreditation to the BRC/IOP (Global Standard) for food packaging. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a leading UK trade association that oversees a global safety and quality certification programme used in 90 countries worldwide. This standard helps packaging manufacturers and converters to adopt good manufacturing practices whilst also supporting existing quality management systems in the manufacture of safe, legal packaging materials.

At Flexfilm continuous improvement includes continuous investment and the business prides itself on its ongoing machinery investments that have included climate control, automatic blenders and automatic gauge control - each one designed to reduce tolerances and increase product consistency.