Operating from a purpose built factory in Winsford, Cheshire, Flexfilm services a variety of industries in the food & drink, personal care, security, mailing, retail and manufacturing sectors across the UK and continental European marketplaces.

The business' core philosophy is based around manufacturing excellence. Whatever the film application Flexfilm understands that consistency of product quality is essential to ensure uninterrupted customer productivity. Understanding customer needs, designing effective products and delivering them consistently month in, month out is what has grown the Flexfilm business and is what remains at the centre of its operations.

Flexfilm's continually developing extrusion capabilities include

Material capabilities

  • Polymers
    • LDPE
    • LLDPE
    • MDPE
    • HDPE (up to 10%)
    • VA & deep freeze materials
    • Metallocene rich
    • Degradable polymers
    • Recycled polymers (up to 100%)
  • Colours and Additives
    • Full colour range capabilities (tinted or opaque, single, bi or tri colour films)
    • Full range of additives (including range of UV protection options)

Machine Capabilities

  • 24/7 manufacturing
  • Up to 3 layer co-extrusion
  • Widths
    • Layflat tubing from 400 to 2300mm width (dependent on gauge)
    • Centre fold sheeting with a folded width of between 200 to 2300mm (dependent on gauge)
    • Single wound sheet from 150 to 2250mm width (dependent on gauge)
    • Double wound sheet from 150 to 2250mm width (dependent on gauge)